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DR. FRANK GITAU NJENGA, psychiatrist in Nairobi, Kenya murder, drugs and rapes his patients.


http://www.kenyan-post.com/2012/07/esther-arunga />http://www.kenyanlist.com/kls-listing-show.php?i />

In Kenya, justice depends on how much bribe money you pay the police / judge.

Frank Njenga exploits this corruption and cannot be brought to justice in Kenya.

It is my hope that these posts will catch the interest of foreign governments and Frank Njenga will no longer be allowed to leave Kenya. He travels to the U.K. extensively to do his finances.

He has raped and molested many of his female patients; including underage girls.

My niece, Jane, a twelve year old girl, was Frank Njenga patient in 2009 and she disappeared from the hospital.

I have tried to bring this predator to justice but was arrested, beaten and nearly killed by the Kenyan police.

Frank Njenga was involved in the tribal genocide of people during the 2007 / 2008 elections in Kenya.

Dr. Frank Njenga owns AAR Holdings and its subsidiary companies:

- AAR Holdings

- AAR Healthcare

- AAR HealthServices

- AAR Action

- AAR Group Care

- AAR Credit

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The Asian, so called, ayurvedic doctor Padma Satish is selling her own medicines (:? ). There is no list of ingredients,no date of manufacture nor date of expiry....


Another asian doctor along 5th parklands Padma Satish. Fake one with fake degree.


Frederick Richard Owiti and Frank Njenga are regular customers at Koinange Street, picking up malayas. There's an You Tube video where these two pedophiles were caught negotiating with a 14 year-old malaya.

to Frederick Richard Owiti & Fran #1345411



Here are the fake bios posted in theretreatkenya.org Anyone who associates themselves with a cannibal psychiatrist needs to be locked up.

CHAIRMAN - Dr. Marx M.O. Okonji

Consultant Psychiatrist

Tel:254-20-2710633, Cell:254-733-610977

Email: marxokonji@wananchi.com

Location: The Nairobi Hospital Doctors Plaza.

Dr. Marx Okonji is registered by the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board as a Medical Practitioner and is currently in private practice. He is also a consultant psychiatrist at Nairobi Hospital, Mater Hospital, Aga Khan and MP Shah Hospital.

Dr. Okonji has previously lectured at United States International University (USIU) Africa and has also served as Deputy Director Medical Services in Charge of Mental Health Kenya.

DIRECTOR - Dr. Frank Njenga

Consultant Psychiatrist

Tel: 254-20-2711596,

Cell: 254-738 499 124

Email: fnjenga@africaonline.co.ke

Location: Upper Hill Medical Centre.

Dr. Frank Njenga has been in private practice for the past 21years and is an active participant in social, political and medical fields in Kenya, Africa and the World.

He has previously served as President of African Association of Psychiatrists and Allied Professions (AAPAP) and a member of the Publications Committee of WPA.

Currently Dr. Frank Njenga is the Chairman of AAR Medical Services and National Campaign Against Drug Abuse Authority Board (NACADA).

DIRECTOR - Dr. Pius Akivaga Kigamwa

Consultant Psychiatrist

Tel: 254-20-3743012 / 2846445, Cell: 254-722-521261

Email: pkigamwa@africaonline.co.ke

Location: The Nairobi Hospital Doctors Plaza.

Dr. Kigamwa has been in practice for 18 years and he holds an MBChB and MMed (Psychiatry) from the University of Nairobi and Certificate in Community Psychiatry from the University of The Orange Free State.

He has previously worked at Machakos District Hospital, Embu Provincial General Hospital and also served as a Secretary of the Kenya Psychiatric Association.

Currently he is in private practice and is also a Senior Lecturer/Consultant Psychiatrist at the University of Nairobi.

DIRECTOR - Dr.Anna Nguithi

Consultant Psychiatrist



Email: annanguithi@yahoo.com

Location: Upper Hill Medical Centre

Dr. Anna Nguithi is in practice and has been a partner with F.G. Njenga & Nguithi Associates for more that (15) fifteen years.

She has served at the Ministry of Health as the District Psychiatrist for Kiambu and a Consultant Psychiatrist at Kenyatta National Hospital.

She has been a past Assistant Treasurer for Kenya Psychiatric Association (KPA) and an Assistant Secretary of Kenya Medial Women's Association (KMWA). She is an international member of the Royal College of Psychiatry and The American Psychiatric Association.

DIRECTOR - Dr. Frederick Richard Owiti

Consultant Psychiatrist

Tel: 254-20-2223156, Cell: 254-0733 610 978

Email: fowiti@africaonline.co.ke

Location: Arrow House, Nairobi

Dr. Frederick Owiti has been in private practice for the past 22 years and has a MRCPPsych from the University of London and an MB CH.B from the University of Nairobi.

He has previously worked at Mathari Hospital as Senior House Officer in Psychiatry and also served as a consultant Psychiatrist for the Ministry of Health.

Currently Dr. Frederick Owiti is in private practice and is also a Medical Consultant in United Nations Intravenous Drug Users Reference Group.

Here are the fake bios posted about the board of directors of aarhealth.com.

Dr. Frank Njenga


Dr. Njenga is a renowned consultant psychiatrist. He graduated from the University of Nairobi with a degree in medicine, later becoming a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists at Maudlsey Hospital in 1980.Despite his busy schedule, the doctor finds time for a number of social and business activities including running the only custom-built psychiatric unit at the Chiromo Lane Medical Centre. He is also the Director of the Students Campaign Against Drug Abuse.He is the current chair of the Board of NACADA (National Agency for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse) and has authored several scientific papers and books.

Jagi Gakunju

Chief Executive Officer, AAR Holdings

Jagi joined AAR in 1992 as Sales and Marketing Manager and moved through the ranks to his current position. He was responsible for restructuring and realigning the company between 2004 and 2006, and for bringing in PVI as key investors. He is particularly focused on expansion into other regions in Africa. He holds a Masters degree in healthcare administration from Minnesota University. A lawyer by profession, he obtained his LLB at Nairobi University and is a keen environmentalist. He is the chairman and founder member of Uvumbuzi Club and was honoured with a UN Recognition Award on Solid Waste Management through his association with the club. Jagi is a Director of the Africa Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW Kenya), a Council Member of Wildlife Clubs of Kenya and a former Director of Friends of Nairobi National Park (FONNAP).

Max Coppoolse

Max Coppoolse (MA) graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a master's degree in industrial psychology. After graduation, Max worked at Unilever for 11 years and gained experience in reorganizing companies in Africa by his employment as the team leader of an international team which reorganized United Africa Company (UAC) based in Lagos Nigeria, a company responsible for up to 10% of worldwide profits of Unilever.

After returning to the Netherlands, Max joined KPN in 1990 as General Manager Business and Mobile Communication, and was responsible for a turnover EUR 600 million per year and oversaw 7000 employees. Following his career in general management, Max was employed by Philips from 1993 to 1998 in various functions, ranging from CEO of Philips Malaysia to General Manager of two media subsidiaries of Philips. In 2000, Max joined Vodafone, where he served as a Director Special Projects.

In 2003, Max became COO of PharmAccess Foundation, and was responsible for all operations of PharmAccess Foundation. In this function, Max gained extensive experience in the health sector in Africa. Since 2007 Max is the Managing Director of the Investment Fund for Health in Africa (IFHA), a private equity fund dedicated from small to medium size (equity) investments in private healthcare companies in (sub-Saharan) Africa.

Pieter Zuijdgeest

Pieter Zuijdgeest serves as CFO for the Investment Fund for Health in Africa (IFHA).

With over 25 years of experience as a financial and operations executive, Pieter has detailed knowledge of finance, acquisitions, divestments, IT and management.

Prior to joining IFHA, Pieter has been an entrepreneur for the past 8 years owning an IT & Telecommunications company with 100 employees and financed by a UK based venture capital fund. During this period he acquired five and divested 3 companies; the company was successfully sold in 2008.

More recently he served as a CFO of a large Dutch ICT & Telecom group and CEO of a software development company. Prior to this he served as a Partner of the Consulting Service Practice of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and the Global Consulting practice of Ernst & Young Consulting where he focused on the implementation of ERP and CRM service solutions worldwide. Previously, he served as Finance Director for Lanier Europe, a Ricoh company and Senior Manager of international audit practice of Ernst & Whinney and Moret Ernst & Young.

Pieter completed the chartered accountant study at NIVRA (Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants) in 1986.

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